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A unique voice. You just want to listen.....


Known for her critically acclaimed debut album “Water Bearer," plus hit singles, "Mirrors",  "Mandala", "Celebration", "The Sun In My Eyes", "Silver Dagger", "Digging For Gold", "Morning Of My Life" and many many more, Sally Oldfield is a staple in the music business.


With her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Water Bearer“ storming up the charts in 1979, leaving us the classic hit "Mirrors", more albums followed keeping her success going. 


She ended the 80's with her albums "Femme" and "Instincts" scoring "Silver Dagger", her biggest hit in Germany and still on the playlists of the radio stations. 


The 90`'s continued with "Digging For Gold", another chart success in Germany whilst the Millennium saw her high up the dance charts with a brand new mix of "Mirrors", introducing her music to a whole new generation.


It may look like a circle closing. But Sally Oldfield has always been good for a surprise.




Be ready to expect more

It was a long break, but Sally Oldfield is back. Stronger than ever and creative as ever she is looking forward to a new direction of her career.


One thing is for sure- whatever  she is about to create will be infused with all her heart and soul, giving her fans back the love and loyalty she has been blessed with for more than 40 years. A true following always stands by her side.


With all her experience and stories to tell we will all be able to listen to this unique voice again who has one thing to say right now: "I am not done yet!"


A multicolored journey through space and time

Starting her career as early as 1968, Sally Oldfield now looks back on a life where change and the unexpected were her constant companions. Reaching the top of the charts and living the life of a pop star, she finally decided to take a break, listen to her inner voice and spend time with her beloved Nature-  a recurring theme weaving throughout her music.


Sally Oldfield's first step into the world of music was the The Sallyangie in 1968. She and her younger brother Mike Oldfield, then only 15 years old,  recorded their first album as a duo expressing their love of folk music.  "Children Of The Sun" is still hailed as a classic of it's genre, a foundation not only for one, but two exceptional careers in the music world.


The songs for‚“Children of the Sun“ were the first that Sally had ever composed. Up until that time her sights were set on an academic career following her love of literature and philosophy.


However, towards the end of her studies at Bristol University in February 1968 she had a life-changing spiritual experience that catapulted her into the world of music. She secured a record deal and  created and released the album with her brother within 6 short months.



The Bronze Years

After touring for about a year, the brother and sister duo amicably went their separate ways. Although  Sally is heard on Mike Oldfield's breakthrough album "Tubular Bells" as well as other artist collaborations, it was not until 1978 that she released her debut solo album "Water Bearer‘.


Both the album and the single "Mirrors" stormed the charts giving her a worldwide hit that turned into a classic and is still a favorite of music lovers, fans and critics, building bridges between the folk, prog-rock and pop genres.


The follow up albums "Easy" and "Celebration" extended her group of followers and established a loyal fanbase, giving the world hits like  "The Sun In My Eyes", "Easy", "Mandala" and "Morning Of My Life" as well as fan favorites like "My Damsel Heart",  "Blue Water", "Sons Of The Free" or "You Set My Gypsy Blood Free". 


After "Celebration" went gold, Sally Oldfield went on an extended tour documented on the album "Sally Oldfield in Concert". She ended her collaboration with Bronze Records with an album that is considered one of her best. 


"Strange Day In Berlin" was produced in 1985 by Hans Zimmer, then a budding composer who was to become a legend for his movie scores like "Rain Man", "Pirates Of The Caribbean" and “Gladiator“. He gave Sally the possibility of exploring orchestral atmospheres in her musical expression and the album yielded the hit single "Path With A Heart".


After 6 years of touring, recording, TV-shows and chart success it was time to take a break, only to come back with a huge surprise for her fans reaching out for an even wider audience.


Sally Oldfield - becoming a Popstar

1987 saw the return of Sally Oldfield with the album "Femme" led by "Silver Dagger" the first of 4 singles taken from the album. "Femme". This saw the return of a singer who was ready for pop stardom.


"Silver Dagger" entered the top of the charts in Germany and Europe as did the album, giving her not only a successful comeback, but extended her following once more. The song is still a staple on German radio and might be one explanation why Germany in particular fell in love with Sally Oldfield.


In 1988 "Instincts" was released. The album includes "Let It Begin",a duet with Moody Blues singer Justin Hayward.  Well known for the video that accompanied the song it turned Sally Oldfield into a member of the MTV generation. Both albums show Sally Oldfield at the top of the pop genre.


The Nineties

The Nineties saw a return for Sally in fine form.  Both albums "Natasha" and "The Flame" were a step back to her roots combined with a rockier edge, more evidence of her versatility as she continued to explore the wide field of her musical and lyrical skills.


She also collaborated with her brother Terry Oldfield on his album “Star of Heaven“ including a beautiful rendition of the classic “Ave Maria“.


In 1994 she entered the German and European charts again. The album "Three Rings" with epic songs and pop tunes spawned the hit singles "Digging For Gold" and "Summer Of Love" while keeping old fans happy with aerial and folk influenced melodies like "The Blessing", "Survival" and the title track influenced by J.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings“.


"Secret Songs"  and "Flaming Star" ended the Millennium era - two critically acclaimed albums combining Sally Oldfield's unmistakable style with ethno-beats and world music influences. "Secret Songs" features the special song "Mystic Drum". hailed as a firm favourite amongst her growing following of spiritually orientated fans with it's soaring melody and inspiring lyrics.



Entering a new millennium

Sally Oldfield surprised critics again when she entered the new millennium where she was least expected. In 2001 a remix of "Mirrors" turned her into a queen of the clubs. This new version of Sally Oldfield's classic hit peaked right at the top of the dance charts, introducing her music to a whole new generation. 


Subsequently, Sally Oldfield took a break again not knowing how long it might be. But after all, what looked like a circle closing is more like a Zen circle leaving the end open. 


The colorful life and eclectic songs will go on as Sally is ready to be back. But what can people expect? One thing for sure. It will be a surprise!. 

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